How to Block Stains, Prime and Fix Paint Bleed Through on Painted Furniture

I was recently finishing up some old projects getting ready for an upcoming sale when I found an old nightstand that had seen better days. It had a reddish tint to the finish with several scratches and it definitely needed a facelift.

I decided to go with white to freshen it up a bit. I cleaned the piece thoroughly and pulled out my Debi's Design DIY paint in Vintage Linen. I brushed on the first coat of the thick chalk and clay paint and let it dry. When I came back, the piece had several freckled areas of bleed through.

Debi's Design Diary Paint Vintage Linen

Unfortunately the tannins in the wood bled through causing a discoloration. Bleed through can be quite common with older wood so if you paint often, you will likely see it. Don't worry though, the problem can be fixed.
DIY recently added a new stain blocker to their lineup so I was excited to try out this new product. This new stain blocker is available in clear and white. 
This product is so easy to use and it will save you a lot of headaches down the road. 
DIY Salvation Solution acts as a primer, blocker, and stain killer all in one. It prevents bleed through of wood tannins and varnishes. It not only acts as a primer, it also blocks those nasty stains from seeping up to the surface when you paint your piece. Not only do you achieve all of this but, the product is safe to use with NO VOC's and no odor. You just can't beat that now can you?
Debi's Design Diary DIY Paint Salvation Solution Wood Stain Blocker
Simply brush it on your piece if you suspect bleed through will be an issue. Apply 2 coats for tough stains. Let it dry thoroughly in between coats and then apply your paint. If the bleed through is a surprise like in my case, just brush on the DIY Wood Stain Blocker directly to the stained area and allow it to dry before recoating with paint. 
You may have tried other products before like Kilz or Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac to try to cover bleed through areas but, nothing beats DIY's Salvation Solution Wood Stain Blocker.
My little nightstand never looked better!




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