How To Clean Paint Pixie Chalk Paint Brushes

How to Clean Paint Pixie Paint Brushes


Hi Friends!

Today I would like to talk about paint brushes. If you're painting furniture on a regular basis then you know how important it is to have the right paint brush. The quality of the paint brush that you use will have a major impact on the ease of your project.

Good brushes are a bit of investment but they are well worth it in the long run. If you have chosen to invest in the Paint Pixie paint brushes, you will want to know the proper paint brush care to help them last a long time.

My customers often ask me how to clean their brushes so I thought I would post some information on how to properly clean Paint Pixie paint brushes and Paint Pixie Wax Brushes

Here's the best method for proper paint brush care.

1) Rinse your Paint Pixie paint brush or wax brush with warm water to remove as much paint as you can from the brush.

2) Wet your soap. Bar soap is best. Paint Pixies Suds is a wonderful choice.

3) Lather up the brush using a back and forth or a circular motion across the soap. Be sure to get it nice and lathered.

4) Rinse the soap from the brush. Repeat this process until the rinse water runs clean.

5) Squeeze any excess water from the brush and wrap the brush in a paper towel to help the brush maintain it's original shape. Natural bristle brushes tend to frizz so this extra step will help to keep your brush from frizzing.

6) Hang your brush bristle side down or lay it flat to dry. Avoid letting water settle into the ferrule to avoid rusting and bristle weakening. The ferrule of a brush is the metal band that connects the bristles to the handle and the crimp is the part of the ferrule that secures it to the handle. 

Paint Brush Care Tip

DO NOT let your brushes soak in water above the ferrule. Soaking may cause the bristle and nails to fall out.

Watch Josi Siefker, owner of Paint Pixie Paint Brushes as she demonstrates the proper way to care for your brushes.

Keep those brushes clean and Happy Painting friends!!


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