How to Apply DIY Paint on Furniture ~ Blending with DIY Paint Colors

Blended Paint Finish with DIY PaintHello friends!

I was gifted a box of European chocolates. Oh happy day! I am thrilled by the gesture. How can this be oh so good and oh so bad all at the same time? I beamed when I opened up the box. Inside there was an assortment of dark and milk chocolates. They were in fancy shapes and some contained fillings while other contained nuts. I'm personally a fan of dark chocolate but who can pick just one? 

That's how I feel when I pull out my DIY Paint. Sometimes I can't commit to just one color and just like my box of chocolates, I don't have to pick just one! Luckily when it comes to DIY Paint colors, choosing many colors can be oh so GOOD! 

Today I started working on a little four drawer chest. Nothing really fancy but, the size was super cute. It was so petite and I could really see this piece in a child's room but, because of it's size, it could fit just about anywhere.

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I pulled out my DIY Paint and tried to pick the color that I wanted for my little chest. I really couldn't decide. I paint a LOT of white and I wanted some color on this piece. I felt it was more on the masculine side so I knew I wanted to go with a shade of blue. Debi's Design Diary Paint has many shades of blue and many of them are complimentary in color so they are absolutely perfect for blending. I ended up using DIY Farm Fresh as my base color.

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I used my oval Paint Pixie paint brush to apply the thick clay based paint. Once the Farm Fresh was applied, I started to blend in some of the DIY Bohemian Blue paint.

DIY Paint Bohemian Blue

This blue is one of my favorites. I love the deep dark color. I used my same brush to softly blend in the details. 

Finally, I pulled out the DIY Carnival Red paint.

DIY Paint Carnival Red

I used the red sparingly. Primarily it was used as a highlighter. Once I blended all of my colors, I added in a few gold accents. I used Rustoleum's Metallic paint in Champagne

Now to seal the chest. I let the chest dry overnight before applying a clear wax finish. I love DIY Clear Wax! It goes on just like butter. I used the Paint Pixie Lil C Wax Brush to smooth on the wax. I waited a little bit to let the wax dry and then I buffed her out achieving a smooth silky finish.

I think she turned out great!

Painted dresser after DIY paint

Blended finish with DIY Paint colors

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