Paint Pixie & DIY Brushes Frequently Asked Questions

When investing in a quality brush, you really want to know what you are purchasing. Let's answer some frequently asked questions about the popular Paint Pixie & DIY paint brushes that we carry. 

Q: What are Paint Pixie brushes made of?

A: Paint Pixie is a blended bristle made of natural (boar's hair) and a synthetic bristles with a wood handle.


Q: What are DIY paint brushes made of?

A: DIY paint brushes are of 100% synthetic bristles with a wood handle.


Q: Does Paint Pixie carry a vegan brush?

A: Paint Pixie has one. The #10 Oval Synthetic bristle brush is not made with any animal products.


Q: Does DIY carry a vegan brush?

A: Yes, all of DIY brushes are vegan as they are not made with any animal products.


Q: Are Paint Pixie or DIY brushes better?

A: As far as quality, they are the same as they are made by the same manufacturer. The main difference is the natural bristle versus the synthetic bristle.


Q: Which leaves a better finish or less visible strokes, Paint Pixie or DIY paint brushes?

A: They both leave a great finish but, there are those who will always argue over this. It really comes down to your personal preference.


Q: Why am I losing bristles?

A: Brand new brushes may tend to shed a few bristles but, after they've been washed a few times, the loose bristles should work themselves out. With the natural bristle brushes, you may experience some breakage especially if you are a heavy-handed painter. The natural hairs will break just as our hair would break off when we brush too hard. You will not experience this with the DIY synthetic brushes.


Q: Why do my bristles spread after they've been washed and dried?

A: Because Paint Pixie has natural bristles, they may frizz out just like human hair. To prevent this, roll them tightly in a paper towel after washing them to let them dry. DIY paint brushes will not spread since they are made of synthetic bristles.


Q: What type of soap should I use to clean my brushes?

A: Use any mild soap or shampoo. Here's the proper way to care for your Paint Pixie and DIY paint brushes.


Hopefully, I've answered any questions you might have but, feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

Happy painting!


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