Quick & Easy Chair Makeover - How to Reupholster a Wooden Chair

Do you have an obsession or perhaps a guilty pleasure? I hate to admit it but, I do. I totally have an obsession for chairs. I mean, who doesn't love a good chair? Right?

When I am out thrifting, chairs are plentiful! If I go home with nothing else, I can ALWAYS find a good chair. I love all kinds of chairs. I love a good solid wood chair with lots of vintage patina. I love a freshly painted chair or even better a chair with loads of chippy paint. Then there's the wing back or upholstered numbers! They are fun too. Hmm, I do love chairs!

One of my favorite kinds of chairs to score are chairs that are solid and sturdy with an upholstered seat bottom. When I find them, the upholstery almost always is either dirty or does not match my kind of style.

None of that matters to me. I have learned to look beyond the ugly or worn fabric. It's just so simple to update these pieces with very little effort. Thankfully, I learned how to reupholster a chair.

On my recent Goodwill run, I spotted a chair that looked like it fit the bill. I wish I had taken the before picture because the paint job and the upholstery were in pretty rough shape but, the bones on this chair were good and boy was it solid.

I simply unscrewed the chair bottom from the underneath the chair and then tore off all of that old fabric. Next, I used some pliers to remove all of the old staples so that I have a clean surface to work with for my new fabric.

Next, I applied a fresh coat of DIY Paint in Tarnished Pearl. I love DIY Paint because it has no VOC's which means no odors, and it's safe to paint inside my house. Yay!

While my chair was drying, I grabbed my staple gun and some fresh fabric and started to work on recovering my chair bottom. Click here for the video tutorial.

I cut my fabric to the size of my chair bottom and began stapling. I stapled the center of each of the 4 chair sides so that my fabric was in place. Next, I stapled each corner being sure to fold my fabric neatly to get a nicely finished edge. I then snipped the excess fabric from the corners so that my fabric didn't bunch up when I finish stapling the fabric onto the chair. Finally, I stapled the remaining areas of the chair so that my fabric was securely attached being sure to smooth the fabric as I went along.

It really was simple and I love how my chair turned out. I plan to pair up my chair with a desk I have been working on but, it could be used in a number of areas in my home.

So, don't underestimate the power of a good chair! Hope you'll keep your eyed peeled for the next good chair!

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