The Easiest No Fail Method for Painting Furniture using Bohemian Blue DIY Paint

DIY Paint Bohemian Blue

I recently picked up a fabulous three drawer chest at my local Habitat for Humanity store. Sometimes it's hit or miss in there but, that day was a score! I don't know about you but, I am always looking for the easiest way to turn something from drab to fab and paint has always been my go to for AMAZING furniture transformations.

The chest was solid. It was rock maple and the drawers were super deep so I knew they'd offer plenty of extra storage and let's face it, who doesn't love extra storage? Honestly, this piece would have been lovely to spruce up in it's natural wood tone but it had a pretty decent stain on one of the drawers and the top had a few deep gouges so I thought DIY paint would be a better solution for my furniture makeover.

I'd been painting everything with DIY White Swan over the last few weeks trying to get ready for a show and I was just itching to pull out some color. This piece was just too masculine for white. It needed something special. That's why I chose to go with DIY Bohemian Blue. This rich, highly pigmented color is so gorgeous and it is always a favorite!

Typically, no sanding is required with DIY paint but those deep cuts made me think twice so I asked Mr. Possibilities if he'd give my little chest a quick sanding on top. Boy am I thankful for Mr. Possibilities!

DIY Paint Project

After the sanding, I pulled out the Debi's Design Diary DIY Bohemian Blue and my favorite paint brush. Did I mention that I love Paint Pixie paint brushes? I used the #10 Synthetic Paint Pixie paint brush. These brushes hold alot of paint and really make a nice smooth finish.

DIY Paint Bohemian Blue Paint Pixie Round Paint Brush

I decided to go with the Bohemian Blue on the body and the drawer fronts but, I wanted to refinish the wood top. On went that rich blue clay based paint and I immediately knew I had made the right choice.

DIY Paint Bohemian Blue Finish with Dark Wax

I used Rustoleum Metallic Accents paint in their champagne color to give my hardware some extra shine.

Next I used Minwax American Walnut stain to get a lovely golden finish on top.

I let my piece dry overnight and then I came back in with Debi's Design Diary DIY Black Wax to finish it off. The black wax highlighted the richness of that deep blue color and really gave my piece a silky smooth finish. This wax is so creamy and easy to use. All you need to do is apply the wax and then allow it to dry overnight. Come back in the morning with a soft cloth and buff it out. Simply gorgeous! Another success story using chalk paint and paint pixies paint brushes.

DIY Paint Bohemian Blue Chest of Drawers

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