How to Make an Easy Easter Bunny Sign Using Scrap MDF

Life is filled with simple pleasures. One of my simple pleasures is finding scraps or discarded items and turning them into something decorative or functional. That's exactly what I did with this leftover MDF that was in the scrap pile in my hubby's garage.

quick mdf bunny sign

I had Mr. Possibilities cut me four 6" x 6" squares out of the scrap. I also asked him to cut me four little bases so that I could make four free standing signs.

With Easter right around the corner and an upcoming craft show, I knew I could turn these into a simple Easter bunny sign.

The first step was to paint over the MDF. I actually enjoy painting MDF like this. It covers really well! On the other hand, I don't really enjoy painting furniture made from MDF but, that's a whole other topic. Anyway, back to the project.

I wanted a variety of colors for my little Easter signs. I selected a light purple, a light blue, a light green and an apple green. My favorite was the Mint Chip color by DIY Paint. The name really fits and I love that it is all natural and contains no harmful VOC's.

After my paint was finished drying, I added a little bunny using a stencil that I picked up at the craft store. Once that was dry, I waxed the whole sign using some clear wax.

Now I finished off my little project with a few embellishments. I used my hot glue gun to add a simple little bow, some reindeer moss and a few little Easter eggs that I picked up at the Dollar Tree. 

I love how my little project turned out! I was able to make four little signs all from scrap materials! 

quick mdf bunny sign

quick mdf bunny sign


quick mdf bunny sign



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