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Simple Easter Bunny Bowl Fillers Using Dollar Tree Treat Sacks

Why oh why, do I have a Dollar Tree addiction? It’s true, I do! In fact, I head to Dollar Tree almost every weekend to see what’s new in Dollar Tree land. That really says a lot since I typically have to travel to Asheville which is a good 45 minutes away. I live in a VERY rural area and Dollar Tree just isn’t here. Truth be told, a lot of things aren’t here. We’re lucky to have a Walmart and a Rose’s Department Store but, that’s about it. As a result, Saturday tends to be my shopping day where I venture out to the “big city” and nine times out of ten, I find myself heading to Dollar Tree....

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How to Make an Easy Easter Bunny Sign Using Scrap MDF

Life is filled with simple pleasures. One of my simple pleasures is finding scraps or discarded items and turning them into something decorative or functional. That's exactly what I did with this leftover MDF that was in the scrap pile in my hubby's garage. I had Mr. Possibilities cut me four 6" x 6" squares out of the scrap. I also asked him to cut me four little bases so that I could make four free standing signs. With Easter right around the corner and an upcoming craft show, I knew I could turn these into a simple Easter bunny sign. The first step was to paint over the MDF. I actually enjoy painting MDF like this. It covers really...

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