Paint Pixie Paint Brush Review ~ How to Use Paint Pixie Brushes


Paint Pixie Brush Review

 Hi Friends!

Join me today while we do a Paint Pixie paint brush review. There are so many Pixie's to choose from so I wanted to tell you how you can use your Paint Pixie paint brushes.

On to the paint brush review! 

Paint Pixie Dusty Paint Brush

This brush is a favorite by many! The Dusty brush is about 2 3/4" wide with bristles that are a natural and synthetic blend. This brush is great for base coating, applying sealers, and very popular for blending.

Paint Pixie Dusty Brush

Paint Pixie Oval Paint Brushes

Currently available in the #8, #10 and the #12 but soon smaller sizes will also be available. The ovals are the best chalk paint brush. They hold a lot of paint! They are perfect for paint, sealers and can also be used for blending.

Paint Pixie Oval Paint Brushes

Paint Pixie Flat Top Paint Brushes

Moving on to our Paint Pixie flat top brushes, these brushes come in 4 different sizes. The flat top brushes come in penny size, nickel size, quarter size and half dollar sizes. These brushes are used for stenciling, waxing and are perfect for painting spindles. 

Paint Pixie Flat Top Brushes 

Paint Pixie French Tip Brushes

The Paint Pixie French Tip was formerly called the Paint Pixie French Round. The pointed end makes the French Tip and the Lil Frenchie excellent choices for painting in hard to reach areas. They are also great for corners!

Paint Pixie French Tip Paint Brush

Paint Pixie Wax Brushes

Paint Pixie offers their wax brushes in 2 styles. The long handle Cera wax brush and the stub handle Lil C wax brush. The Lil C is my favorite because it is so easy to hold when applying wax. These brushes serve a dual purpose. They are great for waxing but, they can also be used for stenciling. 

Paint Pixie Wax Buffers

Finally we have the Paint Pixie buffing brushes. The buffers are available in two designs. The large buffing brush is the Paint Pixie Buff brush and the smaller buffing brush is the Paint Pixie Buffy brush. These brushes take the chore out of waxing. No more rags for buffing, just a girl and her Buff or Buffy!

Paint Pixie Buff Brush

Watch while Josie Siefker, the owner of Paint Pixie gives an overview of the Paint Pixie brush line.


I hope this information has been helpful. Remember to use the right brush for the right project. Paint Pixies offers a brush for all your painting needs. If you haven't tried them, what are you waiting for?

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