Easy Mixed Media Craft Project Idea Using DIY Paint

I've never really considered myself an artist but, I do consider myself someone with a vision to see the possibilities in something. I enjoy seeing a little bit of nothing turned into a whole lot of something and I definitely have the ability to see a diamond in the rough. 

I must confess though, I have a unique ability to pull others into my grand vision for projects. That's where my friend and fellow DIY Retailer, Tammie Rudisill, comes into play. Tammie is the owner of Elizabeth's at Hanes Park in Winston Salem, NC and she is a talented mixed media artist. I had the great pleasure of meeting Tammie through our connection with DIY Chalk Paint. Tammie and I are both going to DIY Boot Camp in September. We're both looking forward to meeting fellow DIY Paint retailers and learning lots of new painting and business skills.

Anyway, it wasn't long after meeting Tammie that I realized the extent of her talent. She's got mad painting and artistic skills so when the opportunity came up for Tammie to share some of her mixed media skills with me on my Facebook page, well, I jumped at that opportunity. This is how the Beginner's Mixed Media Online Tutorial was born. You can watch the full video here.

If you are interested in learning how to make this mixed media project, grab our supply list and let's get started.

Here's the basic steps to create your own mixed media art project using DIY Chalk Paint and Paint Pixie Paint Brushes.

Step 1

Purchase a blank canvas or use a scrap piece of wood. You can really use whatever you have.


Step 2

Grab some scrap paper. You can use anything. Old newspapers, old magazines, wrapping paper or scrapbook paper are all good options. Really, anything will do. Tear the scrap paper into shapes and use it to create a pleasing design that will fill up your canvas.  


Step 3

Next you will want to glue on those scrap pieces of paper until you cover your canvas, scrap wood or whatever medium you are using. We suggest using DIY Liquid Patina. The liquid patina acts as a decoupage medium. 

DIY Paint Liquid Patina

Step 4

Using Prom Queen DIY Chalk Paint, paint over the paper design. Start by painting your edges and then working your way into the center. You will want the paint to be applied heavier on the outside and then lightly feathered into the center area. You do not want full coat coverage. You want your paper peaking through. Allow a little bit of drying time before moving to the next step.

DIY Paint Prom Queen

Step 5

Going back to your scrap paper, you will want to tear paper shapes to create the flower vase and flowers. Tear petal shapes for the flower leaves, circles for the flowers, small squares for the flower centers, a rectangle for the table top and a square for the flower vase. Glue these on with the DIY Liquid Patina.

DIY Paint Liquid Patina

Step 6 

Next you will want to paint the paper shapes and block in the colors. We used Old 57, Old School, Fancy Farm Girl, White Swan, Cowgirl Coral and Kissing Booth.

DIY Paint Kissing Booth Old 57 Fancy Farm Girl

Step 7

Add the final details. Outline the flower vase and flowers with Old School. Highlight the leaves and vase with White Swan. Use the Cowgirl Coral and Kissing Booth to blend the flower colors and use the White Swan as a highlighter.

DIY Paint Old School


So there you have it, your final masterpiece. I can hardly believe i did it. 

DIY Paint Mixed Media Project

That's what happens when you have a little help from your friends!

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