What Kind of Brush is Best for Chalk Paint and Wax?

When I first started flipping furniture, I tried to do everything as budget friendly as possible. I can remember buying boxes of paint brushes when Harbor Freight would have their seasonal sales. I often bought their 2" synthetic brushes and their chip brushes because they were cheap. I didn't know any better. Soon, a friend of mine told me about chalk paint brushes. She swore by them. She told me it would save me time and help me get the finish I was looking to achieve.

I tried a number of different brushes on my quest for the perfect chalk paint brush. I think I've probably tested most of them. I've tried them in all price ranges including the cheap ones on Amazon up to the high dollar Cling On & Zibra brushes.

Man what a difference a good brush can make when painting furniture is a daily activity! Good brushes not only save you time, they actually save you money since they will last a long time if you take care of them properly

I must say though, my absolute favorite chalk paint brush is the Paint Pixie paint brush.

These paint brushes come in both natural and synthetic bristle. I'm a huge fan of the synthetic bristle brush because I love how they clean up.

The #10 oval brush is a perfect size and it is typically my go to brush. It holds just the right amount of paint and the synthetic bristles give me a smooth finish.

Synthetic paint brush on linen tablecloth

Equally competent is the #8 oval brush. This one is a natural bristle and it's just a tad smaller but, it's the perfect size for a woman's hand and it's a really good brush for a beginner.

Natural Bristle Chalk Paint Brush

Both of these Pixie's are great choices for your chalk painting needs.

Now when it comes to waxing your furniture, you're gonna need a totally different brush.

My hands down favorite wax brush is the Lil' C Wax Brush. It's perfect for waxing furniture and the short handle allows you to grip the brush perfectly. Some brushes leave your hands aching after a bit of waxing but, there is something about the design of this palm handled brush that makes it so comfortable. As an added bonus, this fabulous brush doubles as a stencil brush so you are really getting two in one!

short handled natural bristle wax brush

Hopefully, I've taken some of the mystery out of buying the perfect chalk paint and wax brush. The truth is you really do get what you pay for so it is best to invest in a good brush. It will save you time and money in the long run.

Happy Painting!


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