Simple Easter Bunny Bowl Fillers Using Dollar Tree Treat Sacks

Why oh why, do I have a Dollar Tree addiction? It’s true, I do! In fact, I head to Dollar Tree almost every weekend to see what’s new in Dollar Tree land. That really says a lot since I typically have to travel to Asheville which is a good 45 minutes away.

I live in a VERY rural area and Dollar Tree just isn’t here. Truth be told, a lot of things aren’t here. We’re lucky to have a Walmart and a Rose’s Department Store but, that’s about it. As a result, Saturday tends to be my shopping day where I venture out to the “big city” and nine times out of ten, I find myself heading to Dollar Tree.

The whole dollar thing is the draw since I know I can get just about anything I want and I won’t feel like I have overspent. I love strolling down the aisles to see what’s new and I try to use my imagination and look at things in different ways.

Now I will say that not all Dollar Trees are created equal! Sometime my closest store doesn’t carry all the things I’ve seen other hauling out of there. So with that being said, you can imagine my excitement when I got to visit a new Dollar Tree when I visited my granddaughter in Charlotte.

Wow! I hit the jackpot!! They had a lot of things that my Dollar Tree didn’t get. I’m sure it was because this Dollar Tree seemed like it was twice the size of my store.

I was very pleased to score this 4 pack of bunny faced treat sacks.



I know I can use them to make something really cute and I love a good craft that I can do with my grandkids! This Dollar Tree Easter project fit the bill.

I decided to grab some ribbon, some poly-fil, a few pom poms, some tiny Easter egg embellishments and my trusty glue gun.



This project was so simple. I just stuffed my little treat sacks with some of the poly-fil. Next, I cut some ribbon to make a bow. I simply folded the ribbon over and I tied some jute twine around it to make the bow. The jute twine was already included with my treat sacks from Dollar Tree. 

That's it! This project was so easy and a perfect project to do with the kiddos or grandkids! Check out the video here.






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