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No Sew Farmhouse Fabric Easter Bunny Bowl Fillers

I'm so glad I bought those pinking shears! I have used them so much for my Easter projects! Today I am working on some farmhouse fabric bunnies. I love that you can take scrap fabric and cut it out with the pinking shears and it gives the edge a finished look. This project is so simple but, the results are SUPER cute!! Want to make these Easter bunny bowl fillers you've seen in Hobby Lobby? You will need the following supplies. Bunny Pattern Poly-fil Fabric Ribbon Cotton Ball Scissors or pinking shears Hot glue gun and glue First, take the pattern and trace it to a piece of cardboard so that you can make a pattern. I traced a bunny that...

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Simple Easter Bunny Bowl Fillers Using Dollar Tree Treat Sacks

Why oh why, do I have a Dollar Tree addiction? It’s true, I do! In fact, I head to Dollar Tree almost every weekend to see what’s new in Dollar Tree land. That really says a lot since I typically have to travel to Asheville which is a good 45 minutes away. I live in a VERY rural area and Dollar Tree just isn’t here. Truth be told, a lot of things aren’t here. We’re lucky to have a Walmart and a Rose’s Department Store but, that’s about it. As a result, Saturday tends to be my shopping day where I venture out to the “big city” and nine times out of ten, I find myself heading to Dollar Tree....

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