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How to Make Colored Wax Using DIY Paint and Clear Wax

Did you know that colored wax was a thing? Well, it is. Typically you see people using clear wax to finish their painted pieces but, sometimes clear just won't cut it. When people vary from clear wax, you generally see the white or dark wax come out. Colored waxes enable you to give highlights or lowlights to your project. So here's the deal. You can buy ready made waxes in white or black or even dark brown but, it's harder to find it in other colors. Not to worry! It is so simple to make your own colored waxes and it's a real money saver. If you buy each color individually, it really begins to add up and on top...

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How to Make Simple Wooden Easter Carrots

Have you been to Hobby Lobby lately? I love strolling through Hobby Lobby to see all the new seasonal items. It always gets my mind going about things that I can create at home. It seems that carrots are a big "THING" this Easter season. They have the cutest ones out on their shelves and they look so cute and farmhousey. Is that even a word? Anyway, I just knew that I wanted to make some carrots of my own. Fast forward a few days and I'm asking Mr. Possibilities to cut me some scrap wood to make some carrots of my own. Here's what he came up with. I love how he made them in slightly different sizes and...

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